Data Center Construction

We offer Turnkey solution for complete site Preparation for Server room & Data center . In nutshell, we offer Power, Cooling, Monitoring & Safety solution for Tier I to Tier IV Datacenter and server rooms. We are specialize in planning, designing, engineering, construction of Datacentre, Server room & Computer rooms with modern technologies. We do sizing & selection of various datacenter equipment such as UPS, Precision Air conditioner, Raised Flooring, Water Leak Detection System, Environmental Monitoring System, Static Transfer switch & Clean Fire Suppression etc.

Data Center Power

Uptime of Data center is obviously depends on uptime of power supply. For higher uptime of power supply, server room design needs to be redundant & should have efficient power distribution network which will offer not only continuous but also clean and safe power supply.  Datacenter Power distribution network typically consist of Power backup devices (e.g. UPS System, Generator), Switching devices ( e.g.  Static Transfer Switch (STS), breakers) and protection devices (e.g. TVSS, MCCB).


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Server Room Cooling.

During Data processing IT equipment generates heat which increases overall temperature of datacenter. With introduction of blade server density of heat has increased. High heat in datacenter can not only reduce life of IT equipment but also can cause damage which will reduce uptime of Data center. Similarly too high or low humidity also can cause electrostatic charge or condensation respectively. Close control unit not only maintain precise temperature but also it maintains precise humidity level in Datacenter.


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Datacentre Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring System is equipment which notify undesirable environmental conditions and equipment status installed in server room and datacenter in terms of visual/audio alarm, SMS or Email. System This system can do server room temperature monitoring with help of wired or wifi temperature sensor. Similarly Humidity can be monitor. Environmental monitoring systems can connect and monitor other equipment like precision air conditioner, UPS, CCTV, Motion sensor, fire suppression system and water leak detection system.


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Data Centre Safety

Datacenter is equipped with high valued IT equipment and more than that precious data stored in servers. Hence data center security is most important aspect. Data center design should consider safety equipment such as FM200 gaseous fire suppression system, Water leak detection system to protect sever room from water leakage, CCTV should be installed for monitoring, Motion senor to identify intruding activity at early stage, Access control system should be install for authorized access.


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