Data Centre Power Conditioning

Power Conditioning Devices for Data centre.

Server room design need to consider various power conditioning devices in addition to Uninterruptible power supply, static transfer switch (STS), voltage stabilizer and standard switch gears. These power conditioning devices include Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) or Surge Protector or Surge Arrestor, Isolation Transformer, PDUs etc. Even if Data centre site has been selected strategically, there is always possibility of damage of electrical and electronic components due to high voltage or current surge due to external events like lightning stroke or sub-station switching. Hence Datacenter design should able to protect equipment against such events. This is possible with help of surge protector power conditioning device. During operation of datacenter operation on many events it needed to step up or step down voltages. Also it might needed to create local ground-bounded neutral or need to reduce harmonic current. In such cases Isolation Transformer needed to install as power conditioning device. Automatic transfer switch (ATS) also use as power conditioning device on many occasion and especially when generator used as backup power.

Data centre and Server room Design should have TVSS, Isolation transformer and PDUs.

Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS)

Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) is a device which divert high energy surge caused by lightening or sub-station switching to ground wire and hence suppress ill effect of surge. It is passive, parallel connected device which has extremely high impedance to ground under normal condition, while it has very low impedance during event of surge.  By diverting excess current and voltage from transient into grounding wire, it protects electrical equipment and switchgears installed in data center facility. Hence it is also called as surge protector or surge diverter. In server room design, TVSS should be factored since this small economical device provide protection to high value assets of Data centre. Surge protector can be installed at point of entry or service entrance or main switchboard or distribution board. A efficient and properly rated surge protector can protect your electronic and electrical devices and avoids downtime of our data centre.

Isolation Transformer

All modern UPS system are based on transformer less design to have more efficiency and less cost. However in certain cases we need isolation transformer in circuit.  Prime use of isolation transformer is server room deign is to offer isolation from input power. At many site there are serious main neutral power quality. Due to this neutral many time subject to disconnection when upstream 4 pole breakers are use. Hence to create new neutral, isolation transformer s are use. It will isolate its output neutral from source neutral. Isolation transformer often required for stepping up or down voltages. In addition to this it help to block 3rd,  9th and 15th harmonic current. Isolation transformer can use at input, output or bypass of Data centre UPS.


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