FM200 Fire Suppression

Data Center Fire Suppression.

Data center always equipped with high valued hardware and precision data. While doing data center design, adequate arrangement should consider to protect hardware and data of datacenter from any force majeure conditions like fire, flood, earthquake. Data center design companies spend millions to protect datacenter specially from fire. Because cost of hardware and downtime of server room is much higher that cost of fire suppression system. FM200 is most commonly use fire-suppression system in Server rooms. Water sprinkler is conventional fire extinguishing method can not be use in datacenter since water itself can damage computers and servers. Hence we need "waterless" fire protection system which should not damage IT equipment in process of fire prevention. Hence Gaseous fire suppression is most desirable for datacenter. FM 200 is most commonly use suppression system for datacenter because of its features. System consisting of gaseous agent stored in cylinder, Valve to release agent of demand, fire detector which detects fire at early stage, control panel which receive detection single from detector and to give signal to valve & alarm, Piping to carry gaseous agent to release & Nozzles to disperse gaseous agent in to datacenter. On even of fire, detectors detects fire at early stage and gives

Fire suppression system for data center and server room.
Fire system is important in data center design.

signal to control panel. Control panel then triggers pre-discharge alarm bell and  gives single to electric solenoid actuator to release gaseous agent though nozzles. At same time control panel triggers discharge alarm and switches on discharge strobe light. Also Manual discharge switch also provided to initiate discharge if needed. To make Fire suppression system more reliable, system can be designed with reserve gas agent cylinder along with main cylinder. Control panel should be powered through UPS power and should have inbuilt batteries provision.


Fire-Suppression For Data center Design.


Gaseous suppression for Datacenter should meet certain requirements. During data center design, right type of gaseous agent selection is important decision. Various types of gaseous clean agents are available. FM-200 is commonly use agent for datacenter fire suppression. Lets see types of system, minimum requirements and advantages of FM_200 system.

Requirment of Suppression System

Fire suppression system for datacenter should comply to certain requirements. It should be quick, clean, odorless, non toxic, non conductive, colorless, environmental friendly and should need low storage space in nature. In event of fire, release of gaseous agent should be with minimum time delay possible to minimize damages which means it should be quick. After gas release and extinguishing process, there should not be any residue behind; it should be clean. Also it should not leave behind bad odor. To avoid human hazards, preferably should be non toxic in nature.  Gaseous agent should not good conductor of heat or electricity which can cause more damage. Considering high cost of real estate especially for datacenter, gaseous agent should consume smallest possible space.

FM200 fire extengushing system for datacenter and server room.

Types of Suppression Systems

Fire in Datacenter can be suppressed by majorly two methods. First methods is Inert Gas Suppression system which reduces oxygen level to extinguish fire. It reduces oxygen to 15% so that it should be safer for personnel's working in space. Second method called as Synthetic Gas Suppression which uses cooling mechanism to extinguish fire. Synthetic Gas Suppression system uses various types of gaseous clean agent such as FM-200, Halon 1301, CO2 etc. F M 200 also called as HFC-227ea (Chemical name is heptafluropropane). FM200 requires less storage space than CO2 agent. Both are environment friendly gaseous. installation of FM-200 is simple. CO2 suppression use for unoccupied spaces while FM 200 is safer for occupied spaces also. INERGEN is calso can be alternative to FM-200.

Components of FM 200 fire system for datacenter and server room.

Advantages of FM200

Amongst all gaseous suppression systems, FM 200 system design is most commonly use. It has following advantages:

  • FM-200 Gas clean in nature. It doesn't leave any residue after release or cause damage to IT equipment and documents.
  • It is fast acting gaseous agent which releases quickly.
  • It completely environmental friendly. It doesn't cause ozone depletion.
  • It is completely safe for spaces occupied with human life. It doesn't cause any damage to respiratory system or eyesight.
  • It is non-conductive in nature.
  • FM200 need three time less storage space than CO2 gas.


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