Datacenter Raised Floor

Introduction to Raised Floor

Raised floor is physical structure made up of square shape movable tiles which supported by height adjustable legs called pedestal and which constitute parallel floor between room floor and room roof to create service area. It is also called as Access floor or Raised Access floor. This false floor is commonly use in datacenter, server room, telecom rooms, laboratories etc. Main objective of using raised floor in Data center is to create easily accessible service area. Raised floor tile made up of different material while raised floor pedestal is made up of galvanized steel. Each pedestal connected with adjacent other four pedestal with horizontal metal frame called stringer to make whole structure more rigid. In datacenter raised flooring systems provide space to accommodate power cable, chilled water piping, refrigerant piping, data cable, ground wire grid. Most importantly raised floor helps in distribution of cold air in data center which installed with down flow type precision air conditionerAccess floor  help to distribute cold air in all corners of room with less energy waste. Disadvantage of raised access floor that there is limitation of floor loading and it is difficult to determine seismic rating of datacenter equipped with access flooring. It is always desirable to have high load bearing capacity for flooring.

Raise floor or raised flooring for server room and data center.
Raised access flooring which is anti static in nature.

Depending on application we need to choose type of floor access panel. Standard size of floor panel is 60 x 60 cm. Thickness of floor panel available from 28 mm to 42 mm. Optionally panel provided with steel galvanized sheet or aluminum foil at bottom of panel to make it more susceptible to high humidity.


Types of Access floor System.

Depending on composition material of raised floor tile, flooring system are divided in different types. Calcium Sulphate and wood core type raised flooring system are commonly use in server room and datacenter. It is always desirable that floor panel should be have high load bearing capacity, non compatible in nature, high fire resistant, low weight and made up of environmental friendly materials only.

Calcium Sulphate Type

As name suggest Calcium Sulphate (CaSO4) is main composition material. Floor panel made up of calcium sulphate or fiber-reinforced calcium sulphate. Aluminum foil or Galvanized steel sheet provided at bottom and top of core panel. Due inherent properties of  CaSO4 this type of flooring achieves high grade mechanical characteristics and load bearing capacity. Calcium sulphate is less susceptible to change in temperature and humidity and hence tile.  Also galvanized steel sheet at bottom of tile increase its humidity and temperature resistance capacity. Calcium sulphate type raised floor is most suitable for datacenter since it  has high load bearing capacity, high fire resistance & non combustible nature. This panel is completely environmental friendly since no volatile organic compounds are used in it's making.

Server room Raised floor of calcium sulphate type.

Woodcore Type

Wood core type of access floor use in areas having low loading and requiring low raised flooring  height. Wood core type panel offers high dimensional accuracy, high rolling load performance, good fire resistance at economical cost. Floor panel is made up of wood clipboard. Aluminum foil or galvanized steel sheet provided at bottom of panel to make it rigid against change in humidity and temperature. Since wood is major composition, this panel achieves high anti static properties. Since panel is easily cut, high dimension accuracy and good interchangeability can be achieve which is difficult in case of calcium sulphate floor panel. Wood core panel are light in weight hence easy to install and transport. This type of raised flooring offers economical solutions with good specification and features.

Wood core access floor or raised flooring system.

LINDNER Raised Access Floor

LINDNER is reputed German brand of floor panel. They offer different types of floor panel which includes LIGNA, NORTEC, VENTEC and LUMEN. LIGNA is wood core type of panel which available in thickness of 30.5 to 38.5 mm. Nortec is calcium sulphate type of panel which available in thickness of 16 to 44 mm. Ventec is perforates tile available in different percentage air discharge capacity. LINDNER panels are best quality and reliability. LINDNER panel has high load bearing capacity in its range. All panel are provided with galvanized steel sheet at bottom to make panel more rigid against high humidity. Edges of panel are timed and tampered for easy installation. Covering surface of raised floor panel available in High pressure limited (HPL), Stoneline, Woodline, Steel Sheet or Textile covering.

LINDNER Raised access floor, LIGNA or Nortec in UAE.


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