What is Water leak detection System for Server Room?

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In this article we will understand all about water leak detection system or water leak detector. Server room and Datacenter are equipped with many costly equipment. More than equipment, most valuable is data stored in servers installed in datacentre. Hence protecting server room from all calamities is very important. In datacenter, many water leak prone areas get develop during installation of Air conditioner equipment. For example, installation of precision air conditioner requires water supply and drainage pipe. And if precision acs are chilled water base then there will chilled water pipes, water supply and drainage pipes will enter in server room. Any leakage to these pipe can be disaster for data center. Also there will be always threat of water leaking from external walls and roof. Hence there should be automatic system which can detect water leak at early stage and should inform user to avoid any disaster situation. Water leak detection system is designed for same application.

Components of Water leak detection system.

There are many two components of water leak detection equipment. It consist of leak detection panel and leak sensor. Leak detector sensor can be of different types. Commonly use water leak detector is cable sensor. Leak sensor connected to panel with help of control cables. Whenever there is leakage, leaked water touches to sensor cable which short circuits low voltage path and hence panel will generate alert alarm. Depending on type of panel there are various ways of generating alarm. Most common way is audio alarm. But there are advance panel available which can inform user about leakage via email, SMS or phone call.

How to install water leak detector sensor?

As mentioned before leak sensors are mainly two types; cable leak sensor and probe leak sensor. Probe leak sensor are provided with two legs which can be glue or can be screwed on floor where leak to be detected. probe sensor connected to panel with help of four core control cable. Probe type sensor can connected multiple in series. Cable type leak detector are easy to install. System supplied with self adhesive clips as part of accessories. These clip should be stick on floor and sensor cable needs to clamp in it.

Water leak detection system Dubai UAE.

How to install Water leak detection system panel?

Most important rule of installing panel is that it should be easily accessible, easily visible and easily audible. If panel is for server room then ideal place for panel is beside main door of server room from external side. If panel is for pantry then ideal place is above pantry counter. Panel should be easily accessible so that in case of alarm it should be easy to mute alarm.

Who are best water leak detection system manufactures?

Water leakage detection systemThere are many leakage detection system manufacturers in market but most commonly used brands are Aqualeak, RLE and Liebert. Aqualeak detection system is made in United kingdom and they are one of oldest manufacture of water leak detection systems. RLE systems are made in USA. RLE water leak has most advance communication features. CtrlTech is Water leak detection system supplier in UAE. They are dealer for Aqualeak & RLE in Middle East.


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