Water Leak Detection System

Leak Detection System For Data Center

Water leak detection System or Water leak detector is one of most important alarm equipment when it comes to Datacenter safety. Leak detection system is an equipment which detects water leak at very early stage and send alert to user. This equipment is essential in server room since every data center consists of Precision air conditioner which need at least water drainage and water supply for its functioning. If Datacenter is installed with chilled water type precision air conditioner then datacenter get exposed to big threat of water leak from these pipes.  An estimate show that millions of dollars  get lost due to water leakage in datacenter every year. Hence it is important to protect every datacenter with liquid leak detection system. In datacenter Leak detection system can be installed separately or it can be incorporated in Environmental Monitoring system. An individual water leak detection system consist of Leak detection panel and leak detector sensors. Leak sensor are of different types like cable leak sensor, spot or probe

Datacenter water leak detection system. Server room
Water leak sensor cable and probe sensor, spot sensor

leak sensor. Water leakage detection sensor or water leak tape sensor are commonly use in Datacenter. Depending on datacenter site we need to offer appropriate type of sensor or combination of sensors along with leak detection panel. Cable sensor are generally use to cover leak under large areas below racks or leak along water pipes. Probe type sensor use for small areas or for spot leak detection such as area under Close control unit or small battery room. Leak sensor connected to leak detection system panel. When leaked water touches to cable sensor or come under probe sensor then it gives single to panel and panel triggers Alarm. Alert can be by Audio alarm, LED display alarm, by SMS or Email.


Types of Leak Detector Panel.


Water leak detection systems are classified on basis of on basis of in how many zone it can do leak detection at given time and if it can show exact location of leak or not. On basis of these capability it is classified into Single zone, Multi zone and distance read leak detection systems. Each type of water detection systems has limitation on length of sensor cable which can connect with it. Multiple leak detector sensor or combination of sensor can be connected in series with each panel.

Single Zone Water Leak Detection System.

As name suggest these type of panel can detect leak in single zone only. We can connect sensor or combination of sensor in series. Sensor Length restriction in single zone system is generally in range of 30 to 300 meter. On event of water leak, sensor gives single to panel and panel will trigger alarm. If it is Distance read Single zone leak detection system then, it will notify length at which water leak detected along sensor cable. Most of leak detection panel are provided with relay output to integrate leak detection system with BMS. These relay output also can be use to trigger solenoid Valve connected in main water supply pipe to stop supply on event of leak. Also these relay can be use to connect leak detection panel to Auto dialer which can send SMS or call to multiple numbers on event of leakage.


Multi Zone Water Leak Detectors System.

These systems can monitor multiple zone at same time. In traditional multi zone system, each zone sensors string are connected to panel separately. Which means in panel for each zone there is separate sensor terminal provided to connect multiple zone sensor string. Each sensor string can consist of sensor or combination of sensor connected in series. But in new system, single sensor terminal provided which connected to a single sensor string running  through all zones. And from leak panel we can define zones according to length of zone sensor string which called as virtual zones. On event of leak corresponding LED of indicating Zone will become red. If it is Distance read multi zone leak detection system then leak panel can notify corresponding zone and length at which leak detected across that zone sensor string.

Multi Zone wate leak detection system

Distance Read Water Leak Detection System.

Distance read leak detection system can show exact leak location. These system can be single zone or multiple zone system. Multi zone distanced read panel is provided with single sensor terminal connected to single sensor string. And zone can be program from panel according to length of zone sensor string. Beauty about distance read system is that it not only show leak zone but also leak location in that zone. These panel can be integrated with BMS with help of various communication port and analog relays. It is compatible with TCP/IP, Modbus, SMTP, Ethernet, BACnet/IP etc. With help of RJ-45 terminal, unit can be connected of LAN/WAN network. We can access device remotely through web interface and can configure water leak detection system preferences.

Distance leak detection panel with sensor


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