Server room Cooling or Datacenter cooling.

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Server room Cooling or Datacenter cooling.

Server room or datacenter equipped with mission critical servers and other equipment. Any issue in functioning of server room can cause heavy loss to company. Research shows that one of the major reason for failure of functioning of data center is due to over heating of components. It happens when server room cooling is not designed properly or it is not reliable enough. In any server room, major heat contributing device is a server. In today’s rapid changing technological era, servers and other IT product and improving in fast space. During last few years server decreased in its size but its heat dissipation has increased exponential. Blade servers are example of this. Due to small size of servers, for given standard size of rack more number of severs can be accommodate. Hence heat dissipation and hence heat density increase. This increase in heat can cause failure of server and can cause downtime to your datacentre. Hence Datacenter need to design with proper cooling system. In this article we will discuss basics of server room cooling.

Why Datacenter cooling is different?

This is common question asked by every our new client when they see heavy cost of precision air conditioner which use for datacenter cooling. Server room air conditioner are not same as that of ACs used in home and offices. Air conditioner used in home and offices called comfort air conditioner which designed for creating comfortable environment for occupant in terms of temperature. Comfort air conditioner are designed with normal air filter and cooling with margins of few degree celcius. Which means comfort ACs are not designed for precise control of temperature and it at all not control humdity. However server and other IT equipment need temperature and humidity controlled environment. If temperature is higher then server can damage. If humidity is higher then condensation can happen which will damage server. If humidity is less then static charge can develop on PCB components of server and also can cause damage. Hence humidity needs to not only reduce but also it need to increase when it needed. Also Server needs cooling continuously for 365 days and 24 hours in a year while we might not need confort AC all the time. Also IT equipment should be placed in dust free environment. Server room AC equipped with high quality filter which can filter duct particle of micron size.

Server room Confort Vs Precision - final


What is solution for Data center cooling?

Datacenter cooling is done by special type of air conditioning units which commonly called as Close control unit or precision air conditioner or Computer room air conditioner (CRAC) or server room air conditioner.  These are special purpose cooling system which not only control temperature to precision level but humidity also. These system consisting of Compressor and cooling circuit along with Heater and humidifier. Unit monitors temperature in closed loop and try to achieve set temperature. Every time air passes through high quality filter before push into computer room and hence keeps room clean. Units installed with humidity sensor with continuously checks humidity level of return air. If humidity is higher than set value then microprocessor of unit triggers heaters to reduce humidity. Similarly if humidity is less, then humidifier get trigger to increase humidity. Unit is equipped with high quality electronic circuitry to achieve high precision level. In upcoming articles we will study close control air conditioner in details.

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Some of Our Server room Equipment.

Name of Product: Water Leak Detection System.

Image:        RLE water leak detection system

Brand Name: RLE

Price: AED 15,700.00

Availability: Yes

Product ID: RLE-LD5200-USA

Rating: 4.5

Votes: 32

Description: Water leak detection system is a equipment which can detect leakage of water at early stage and inform user by audio alarm, Email or SMS. System consisting of water leak detector sensor and control panel. Leak sensor can be of different type. Most commonly use sensor for server room is water leak cable sensor. Control panel also of different types available. Single zone panel can detect leak in one zone while multi zone system can do for many zones. Panels also available as distance read system which can detect and inform exact location of leak.

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